Blood Spear

Feature Length Apocalyptic Crime Thriller
Copyright 2010 Alcyone Pictures
Registered with the WGA East

What happens when neo-Nazis steal an ancient talisman of power, the Spear that pierced the side of Christ?

A.Blood Spear Poster

BLOOD SPEAR is set in present day America. Special Agent Aaron Huddy is known for his renegade tactics. He reluctantly takes on the investigation of this peculiar burglary and his new partner, Nicole Friday, a professor of archeology. He is skeptical about the usefulness of Nicole’s scholarly expertise, but soon discovers why she has been partnered with him.

BLOOD SPEAR pits Aaron and Nicole against a skilled occult leader, adept in the Dark Arts, in a race against time.

Will they retrieve the Spear of Destiny in time to prevent the shrewd neo-Nazis from harnessing the supernatural energy bound for earth in 2020?

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